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House Rules


In 1923 young college girls arriving at their boarding house in Richmond Virginia would not have been surprised to see a list of rules on the wall. No gentlemen callers after 7.30pm No gentlemen visitors to be allowed in rooms at any time No food to be eaten in your rooms No alcohol at any […]

Over two years ago in one of the earliest historical rambles on this blog, we featured a post on the infamous Spanish Chair as a spanking technique. The article was inspired by perhaps the only graphic spanking picture ever published in the mainstream news media, which was carried on the front page of a British […]

Since beginning this blog there have been a few comments and emails about the description of spankings. In particular, some people have said that in real life women could not take half of the canings and spankings described in an average DJ Black story. One kindly soul, who liked the story, said the category five […]

“I like you, but you western men are all too soft.” This was said by a comely Russian blonde in the back of a taxi. Then turning round in her seat to display her ample round jean-clad bottom, she said, “this is a good Russian arse. Only a Russian man knows what to do with […]

Must admit this is blatant favouritism, but this young lady had bounced back from a nasty experience and deserves some praise. She also deserves a spanking, but that’s another story. Poppy St Vincent recently got herself a mentor who turned out to be one of those insecure ‘bash ‘em until they break’ wankers. Not to […]

Abaconti stood at the window watching the rain blast the city below while his son tried to placate the client. He was good under the circumstances, Abaconti thought. “Have you tried the salmon?” Tom Abaconti said casually. “We didn’t come all the way across the Atlantic to eat darn fish sandwiches,” the Texan drawled in […]

It’s been a week of revelations. And there have been three conversations that have led to a revaluation of how likely to be true certain salacious and fantastic anecdotes posted here and elsewhere are. For instance, back in 2009 A Voice carried a feature on birching in Kent into modern times. Although the dinner table […]

After yesterday’s post the telephone rang and the conversation turned to a mutual friend who had recently married and moved away. The mutual friend in question, unknown to telephone friend, had been the conspirator in a few spanking adventures, so the reminiscences did not entirely coincide. One incident in particular set into motion a train […]

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum… two girls (sorry women) were talking in the pub on the next table about their friend. It turns out that said friend thought it would be ‘a laugh’ to pose for some nude pictures in her lunch break. To this end, she persuaded another friend […]

A while back someone (largely anon) sent me a batch of random stuff purporting to be real amateur spanking stuff. An attempt to get more details has drawn a blank so here is most of what is publishable and you can make up your own mind. Most of it seems to be sorority stuff, but […]