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Brad Renfrew surveyed the small town and its sleepy Main Street and sighed. The world was in crisis and war had come to Europe, what was he still doing here? Not for the first time he muttered something about the army and going to Canada. “You’re such a jerk,” Kathy Rutherford sneered, “All talk and […]



No idea what is going on here. Markie sent it in as a sorority picture. It certainly looks harsh for a birthday bash.

Park Life


It is amazing what you see in the park these days. This naughty and very embarrassed girlfriend was camera-phoned in the park by an unknown passer-by. This contribution was sent in by EmmiX. Thanks Emmi.

Our story began here. Jenny had been too embarrassed to get dressed in front of Miss Bowman but it felt strange standing in the hallway of the hotel naked from the waist down. She suspected that Alice had only allowed it because they were the only guests, but all the same she felt vulnerable and […]

Alice Bowman stepped out onto the hotel porch and fumbled for a cigarette in her purse. Her neat white gloved-hands quickly found the packet and smoothly flipped open the top with her thumb. She was running on pure instinct as she paused to look around with nausea lurching in her belly and then she relaxed. […]

The Semester of Standing for Supper is the latest DJ Black story published by LSF publishing. You can buy it here. It is 1971, and Hilary, a fourth-year student in her final year of a course in English and History, is following in the footsteps of her Aunt Clarisse who graduated in 1965. Clyburn is […]

This is the conclusion of the domestic transformation of Sylvia. To catch it from the start go here. Michael Trench was surprisingly nervous about introducing his girlfriend Claire to his circle. He had told her of course, all about the lifestyle and she had been fascinated. But it was one thing to have a salacious […]

Part 1 here. Spanked college girls was a common enough sight on campus for it not to draw too much attention, but the woman in the faculty office looked up as Hilary took her first slow painful steps through the fire doors that led into the open area. Hilary could feel every loving stripe of […]

The Prize


Our story started here. Quail woke with a start and at once knew where she was. The light was clean and white and beyond the windows the mountains soared into the stratosphere like islands in a sea of clouds. In her first year of college she and some friends had taken a vacation to the […]

“Go in 20 seconds Stacy,” the voice said in her ear. Stacy strained to see the monitor out of the corner of her eye as the make-up boy put the final touches to her eyes. The guests were already seated, but one of them was getting the same last minute touches that she was. “Oh, […]