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Why Not?


Still playing catch up here. Vintage Sunday tomorrow. Not sure where this picture is from or who took it or why? But I thought it might brighten your day.

Vintage Sunday


Apologies for the late appearance of this feature last week.

Vintage Sunday


Silver Screen special. Two oft compared stars and a generic period screen goddess image.

Vintage Sunday


Some time ago I came across a little piece of military history regarding the home front and the use of photography for keeping up the morale of men off fighting. Certainly by the time of both the Crimean War and the American Civil War photography was available to the officer classes among the British, French […]

Advert Break


Don’t you just hate ad breaks? The other day I was discussing how much more advertising there is on cable TV compared with old-fashioned terrestrial television. I was told that US TV is much much worse with up to 20 or even 25 minutes out of an hour. At least that explained why an hour […]

Something hot


Time just runs away from us sometime and is suddenly in short supply. Given the sudden arrival of summer more than two weeks early (it’s 28c here in London) everything feels like it has slowed down and all you want to do go down the pub. Just in time improvements are being made in the […]

The top picture above pushes all the right buttons. At first glance it looks like an ordinary vanilla picture, so much so in fact that it might actually be. You can almost believe that bath brush might actually be for washing purposes. But then notice its fellow lying nonchalantly on the discarded towel. The photographer […]

For every picture, be it good, bad or indifferent that appears here; there are about two dozen others that never see the light of day somewhere in the DJ Black picture library. Then a while back Poppy sought some assistance in redesigning her website. Realising that she too had a more images than she knew […]

Apparently this an annual event and the losers get spanked. That might have been made up. Who knows what is going on and why. In some of the other shots, the flag of California can be seen. So taking a wild stab in the dark this event took place in California. And where else? In […]