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Agony Aunt


Amy was apprehensive all the way back from work. It began as small tug in her tummy, which had grown to full-scale clawing by the time she had got home. Home was a four bedroom semi in a rural suburb of London that she lived in with three other girls. Girls, there was that word […]

It had to be the most embarrassing day of my life. I don’t just mean that as a figure of speech as in “oh the door is stuck, silly me I was pushing it instead of pulling it.” No, I mean this was really embarrassing. There I was in the woods across the other side […]

“But Aunt Em, I really did go to the land beyond the rainbow, it’s called Oz and… Aunt Em?” Dorothy stopped her unlikely monologue when she saw Uncle Henry get up from his chair with a very heavy sigh that really did not bode well for her bottom. “Please Aunt Em you have to believe […]

Saturday 26th February, Cyprus Dear Diary, I have not long been up. I didn’t get to sleep until late and then it was a restless night. My sore bottom throbbed against the sheets all night and I had to sleep on my tummy. Even now I cannot sit down and I have been told that […]

Things could be difficult when four women had to share a house. And it was all the more difficult then when it was Aunt Jane’s house and she got to make all the rules. Like so many women of her generation, Jane had never married. Amy sometimes conjured up a long lost love for her. […]

Quite a while back A Voice published a well-received short story entitled Janice and her awakenings with Aunt Alice. It was about an innocent girl who was introduced to spankings at the hands of her Aunt as an adult during the 1960s. Well just to prove that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, if you […]