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“Just one more word young lady and I’m going to spank your bare bottom purple.” These words or words very much like them were uttered by an irate mother to her obviously grown up daughter in a lost Saturday afternoon movie, long, long ago. Maybe a week a later an angry father would threaten his […]

The picture above is a publicity still from the 1940 Film, Grand Ole Opry. It has been featured before on Chross, which is also the source of the info that there is no actual spanking in this film. A reverse of this picture was published here a few weeks back and since then there have […]

This week’s blog is the world famous Chross. It almost seems moot to feature it as a mere blog of the week. Such is its influence, people send emails to congratulate A Voice in the Corner whenever it gets Chrossed, that is to say whenever it is featured on Chross’s links of the week. Being […]