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Lizzie Baines story starts here. The spanking of the three bullies was something of a high point that week. The three of us enjoyed Amelia’s discomfort, safe in the knowledge that wild horses couldn’t drag an admission from her. However, in the days that followed Cindy became increasingly morose. I was not to know it […]

Sometimes you see something in passing or overhear a partial conversation that suggests a whole host of possibilities. What did that woman just say? Why is that girl rubbing her bottom and is that really just the effects of the sun you can see on an otherwise perfect tan? There are many adventures and stories […]

Have you ever checked out the discussion boards? It is interesting how often they are about spanking in all its forms. The best threads are those about young women who oh so reluctantly have to submit to a punishment they say they are too old for. Typically someone will write to a board and ask […]