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When this blog was first launched there was an attempt to define what some might call ‘This Spanking Life.’ In particular we discussed just who was and who wasn’t a spanko and why. This was pretty much explored from the male position. You know the kind of thing, when did you first know, when did […]

Whip Sisters


Michael sat in the white-painted wrought-iron garden chair revelling in the spring sunshine. England and a newspaper on a Sunday morning, what could be better, he sighed stretching out his long legs as he scratched at the day old growth on his chin. Somewhere in the trees at the end of his manicured lawn a […]

Our story started here. Michelin Hollister stood on the bridge out of necessity, the fierce glow in her bottom nothing to the one that suffused her soul. To stand on the bridge of a starship with a sore bottom was for her the epitome of happiness. Perhaps she was mad, she considered benignly, but the […]

Susie froze in the glare of the hall light. Any chance she had had to bluff it out had been thrown away by the act of taking off her shoes to sneak in. “What time do you call this?” Her father sounded furious. Did parents all read the same cliché manual? Although this was no […]

Our story began here. Take three Erin was naked but for her stockings and a light bodice-halter; her usual attire in Dniester’s quarters these days, or so it seemed to her. It was decidedly chilly within the Ivory Tower as she knelt in position bent across the saddle stool and her knees were beginning to […]

The Appointment


Helen sat in her car looking at the house. It was appointed in yellow brick with masonry edging at the corners and around the windows and doors. The roof was of dark grey slate and was steeply sloped so that it angled sharply into the early evening sky like a threat. The house stood alone […]

It is all good


She’s sorry. She is always sorry. “It’s going to be alright,” you tell her. “I know,” she says in that small girlish voice she has sometimes, “It is just that…” She doesn’t know. She never knows. “No just that’s, ifs, buts or only,” you say in your best warning voice, “Are we clear?” “Yes,” she […]

Never too old


Both girls shifted uneasily in their seats at the back of Billy’s car. Tammy glanced at her watch. Eight minutes past curfew. Perhaps she should have phoned. “Late for something?” Mandy asked hopefully, herself now 38 minutes late. “No I was just…” She was too old for a curfew anyway, Tammy thought, dismissing Mandy’s question. […]

Tania tugged at the hem of her skirt as she waited at the front gate of the school. At five feet two, nothing seemed to look elegant on her, not even the designer red travel-dress ensemble that she had picked out to wear home. Her blonde untamed shoulder-length hair, just added to the general look […]

Was this a dream job or just a dream? Back in the 1940s [Ed. update – two references put this in 1907 – although one of those uses the above picture – none has a date on the cutting] the New York Times ran an item about the head of the education department in Bristow, […]