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A study in red


What is your favourite colour? I bet I can guess. But why is sheen of red so rewarding when it comes to spanking? Of course red is a stand-for, many do not go a true red. They go deep pink, or orange-tan. If you spank a girl long enough she may even go russet or […]

Here is another contribution from TipTopper. This time instead of quaintly dated spanking humour we have a hard news illustration with part of the story attached. This type of story was gold when I was growing up and in the 1970s and early 1980s there were many such articles with lurid drawings. However, one can’t […]

There was a discussion the other day on another blog about the sighting of a girl on a train with visible redness and marks peeking out from under her shorts. The presumption was that she had been spanked and why not? For in a very real sense is that what her bottom is there for? […]