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Our story began here. It was harder than she thought to follow the action once it got outside. Mary trudged like a condemned woman naked and exposed to the breeze while Drake followed her at a short distance. Sylvia could only leave the house once they had got clear of the garden and she quickly […]

It has been a while since we have had a little history post. This is a short snippet about a maid probably sometime between the world wars. As you probably know, in England until the Second World War and even up until the late 1950s the middle classes and even some well-paid workers had ‘a […]

Our story began here. Standing in the corner, Sylvia felt awkward, embarrassed, foolish, humiliated and strangely, safe, all at once. On several occasions one of the maids or other girls had chanced by, and Sylvia had whirled around angrily to confront the intrusion. The first time this had happened it had been Tatiana standing there […]

Due to a small technical error Wishes will be concluded next week. Meanwhile here is a quick two-parter that will be concluded tomorrow. Be warned it is both intense and severe. * Perhaps you have never heard of the position of a lady’s companion. These days it is an increasingly rare post and one that […]

Back in August last year there was a post on Annie B and her memoir of being in service in the early 20th century. Since then various snippets and other material have been collected to revisit the subject of the corporal punishment of servants. Since starting this article the Spank Statement has also touched upon […]

During the late 1980s, Blue Moon Books published a series of spanking erotica that perhaps represents a golden age of erotic publishing. This was a period that was post-sexual liberation and all those sexploitation books of the 1970s and before political correctness had insisted that all such books must constantly reiterate the consensual nature of […]