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“Uncle Tomas, I want to help the All Father this Yuletide,” Pripet said coyly as she rocked back and forth with her hands neatly clasped behind her back. She had adopted an expression of one who could suck snowballs without them melting. Tomas eyed his bond-ward suspiciously and frowned. He was a wise old elf […]

It’s Magic


LSF have been pushing me to publish Magic as a novel for some time and now we finally have. The publishers are investing a lot of time and money promoting this book, all at a modest copy price I opine, so if you have never bought one of my books and you like this blog […]



Erin dropped a cobweb into the pot and cackled. Neither would have the slightest impact on the spell, but sometimes she just couldn’t resist the joke, even when there was no one else to enjoy it. The pot had once belonged to her grandmother, a seventh generation witch going back to… oh what the hell, who […]

Dangerous Magic


The wind sang over the hills behind the cottage and through the trees in the garden. Then it danced its way down the chimney until it blew like an organ chime summoning something unnamed to a gathering. Amid this seasonal serenade Tess lay back on the rug so that her long red tresses extended like […]



In the summer of 2011 a curious scene was conceived. A dark tale of a young ambitious woman and an old man who knew more about her and her world than he would ever let on. At first glance it was a simple caning, but it soon became apparent to the author that far from […]

Part one here. Lady Jane dared not even contemplate sitting on the horse’s saddle. She hadn’t even been able to put on her forbidden riding breeks. Instead she had opted for a loose green gown more befitting her station, which was just bearable as it brushed against her raw bottom. But she winced all the […]

“Look I am not sure about this. It seems… silly,” Anita sighed. She eyed her coat next to the door and considered making her excuses. “Oh come on it is just a bit of harmless fun,” Julie scoffed. “It most certainly isn’t,” Molly said indignantly. “It is neither harmless nor silly.” “Don’t tell me, we […]

The picture above is supposed to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer being spanked by her some-time-ally Faith; it’s as topical as it gets. All Hallows Even is the Christian name for the older pagan festival of Samhain, which may be derived from the old Irish for summer’s end. Although the Roman Catholic’s associate the festival […]

Magic: a guide


This is intended as an outline guide to some of the ideas and characters described in the ongoing saga of Magic. Much of it is drawn upon existing methodology and contemporary religious beliefs, but it is not intended to denigrate or explain those beliefs and may deviate for creative purposes. Characters encountered or mentioned in […]

The Prophecy


A few months ago DJ Black (yours truly) was approached by Flopsybunny, a spanking author, to co-write a spanking story for the Spanking Library, a project run by her and her partner Februs, among others. Having never co-written a story before, it was agreed to go ahead. The result was The Prophecy, a story that […]