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Casey and Joanne were running around and around the luggage carousel pretending to be airplanes. “Girls please,” Heather said half-heartedly as she rubbed her temples trying to stave off the impending headache. “We’re taking off,” the four-year-old Casey sang. “I’m landing,” Joanne said in a tone redolent with ‘so there.’ “I’m landing too now,” Casey […]

A fictional story in the Abraham Heights strand a few weeks elicited an unexpected response. Apparently, housemother spankings in college were not so fictional. Over at Sometimes a girl (linked right) there has been a discussion about trainee nurses being spanked back in the day that has echoes of our story. Jane X replied to […]

After all these years, she finally had a teaching position in an all-American university. Okay so it was only a minor university in the mid-west, but from little acorns, she thought happily, I am at last a bone fide college don. Well a donna, anyway, Donna giggled at her own accidental joke. Donna’s happy mood […]

Can there ever be enough about sorority spanking? Do they? Don’t they? Just when the official line that it is all a fantasy is repeated for the 1000th time, someone else lets something slip. As sorority posts are among the most popular here, when three separate titbits came this way, there just had to be […]