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Our story began here. It was harder than she thought to follow the action once it got outside. Mary trudged like a condemned woman naked and exposed to the breeze while Drake followed her at a short distance. Sylvia could only leave the house once they had got clear of the garden and she quickly […]

Our story began here. Standing in the corner, Sylvia felt awkward, embarrassed, foolish, humiliated and strangely, safe, all at once. On several occasions one of the maids or other girls had chanced by, and Sylvia had whirled around angrily to confront the intrusion. The first time this had happened it had been Tatiana standing there […]

Strawberry Red


“Miss, please miss, oh, oh…” the irritating freckle-faced Steven Jones was beginning to annoy Ella Castle. “Tommy, didn’t you bring something in?” She said ignoring the Jones boy. She hated people who misspelled names. What was wrong with good old Stephen with a PH? Tommy was going to let her down. He even looked like […]