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“Okay let me see if I have got this right,” Laura Carmichael said after a very deep breath, “My uncle, Dean Latimer, my late uncle… I mean he is dead and this not some joke?” Laura frowned and paused to gather her thoughts again before continuing, as the lawyer leaned forward linked his hands in […]

Despite their very different backgrounds, the two 18-year-olds had become firm friends over the previous two years. They had met behind the tyre shed at the back of the motor repair garage where Sandy worked as an apprentice, which on account of its position near the school gates, was the perfect place for an illicit […]

The narrow stairwell smelt of floor polish and ancient oak. When she last made this journey, she had sneered at the tacky ordinariness of an old rickety staircase in such an inauspicious school, now they seemed so intimidating. As she climbed, each creak put Sophie in mind of the scaffold steps. She paused and took […]