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  I haven’t had a lot of time this week (so what else is new?) but I did come across a little anecdote which I am sharing here because of the Guile (mowing lawn) art found on the Spanking Emporium and it is halfway to being an illustration. The anecdote was found at Quora and […]

First picture is a period cartoon from Bill Ward harkens back to a former era when sorority girls were spanked in earnest. The handwritten legend underneath shows where he was still working on the caption before settling on the one used in the title of this post. The paddle bellow it is a working paddle, […]

Just got back from a gruelling trip and the next proper post is not ready. Imagine the delight to find these sorority pictures in the in-tray. Thanks Anon-girl. They have been edited to obscure, the mostly smiling faces, and therefore identities have been protected. Anon-girl says she culled these from password protected sorority sites and […]

There was another reply to our strand on sorority spanking. And once again, with permission, it is worthy of a post in its own right. Stephanie writes: I don’t know why it is supposed to be so hard to find out about sorority hazing and initiations. OK so they are supposed to be secret but […]

There has been some more feedback on the posts about sororities. Carol-Anne from Montana has emailed me to defend sorority rituals and hazing practices. She writes: I read with interest your posts on sorority spanking. I am not sure that all your contributors were entirely on the level, shall we say, but they could be […]

Sorority spankings have always been a perennial fascination. Not least because of the secrecy that surrounds the college sisterhoods. Also from a British point of view sororities have always seemed exotic because there is no formal or informal sorority system outside sports clubs in the UK. Even in the United States university authorities and the […]