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Our story began here. In the days that followed Daphne was studiously polite whenever she met Gordon on the stairs. In fact the only sign that anything had transpired at all were the amused looks that Megan batted back and forth between Daphne and him; a sure sign that she had overheard everything. Usually a […]

The Honourable Lucy Beverage looked at the various pieces of paper laid out on the antique Queen Anne table. Each sheet scattered carelessly next to the envelope that had brought them to her door; each as careless as the choices she had made and had yet to make. Her slender elegant fingers plucked unconsciously at […]

Caroline Humble was down to her last 20 dollars with nowhere left to go. The teaching position at the school here in Bixby Montana had fallen through. It seems they hadn’t expected a youthful 26-year-old to teach school and they had “wanted someone older.” Any other woman might have looked at the distant mountains and […]

Eloise felt as if she were falling; the tingle of excitement in her belly almost painful. Her breath was so short that she had begun to feel lightheaded. She smoothed down the front of her dark grey business suit, enjoying the sensation of pressure against her sensitive thighs and her sex, assailed, as she was, […]

This is an excerpt from a very nice email received after the 1.5 million visits post. A young woman, who calls herself Tracy, wanted to say how much she liked this blog and how reading it and following some of the links to our friends like Sometimes A Girl, made her feel she was not […]

“But Aunt Em, I really did go to the land beyond the rainbow, it’s called Oz and… Aunt Em?” Dorothy stopped her unlikely monologue when she saw Uncle Henry get up from his chair with a very heavy sigh that really did not bode well for her bottom. “Please Aunt Em you have to believe […]

The small provincial airfield was closed. The snowstorm had grown in strength and anyone who wasn’t home for Christmas was there for the duration. Paige in particular was not going anywhere. She could not believe that he had actually done it. She had never been so humiliated in her life. Every time the wind caught […]