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Spanker At


Whilst doing a quick review for the coming year, a glaring omission from cod-history of spanking strand became conspicuous by its absence. There has never been a post about the spanker-at craze of the 1930s and into the 1940s. A brief google reveals that no one has ever, it seems, written about this. Prepare to […]

This is as fictionalised account inspired by apparently real events. With a stress on the apparently, but it is supposed to have happened in California, so who knows? Anyway, most of the events in this story did not happen, as far as anyone knows and are entirely fictitious. But you can believe it all if […]

This is an excerpt of an article found here. This is just some of the pictures, there are many others. Much of the article is a rant and it is not clear who the author is, except that he is into spanking. In the original Ian Fleming novel about Tatiana that comes “From Russia with […]