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Someone recently said, “You know you could be one of the best spanking writers in the spankosphere.” Hey back up a minute. Okay not being one to blow one’s own trumpet or necessarily get too carried away, but ‘could be’ and ‘one of,’ isn’t that like coming second in a two horse race? “No I […]

Never too old


Both girls shifted uneasily in their seats at the back of Billy’s car. Tammy glanced at her watch. Eight minutes past curfew. Perhaps she should have phoned. “Late for something?” Mandy asked hopefully, herself now 38 minutes late. “No I was just…” She was too old for a curfew anyway, Tammy thought, dismissing Mandy’s question. […]

Carla in the Corner is celebrating its first birthday this week, so congratulations to Aunt Carla. What better excuse to make it Blog of the Week.

Casey and Joanne were running around and around the luggage carousel pretending to be airplanes. “Girls please,” Heather said half-heartedly as she rubbed her temples trying to stave off the impending headache. “We’re taking off,” the four-year-old Casey sang. “I’m landing,” Joanne said in a tone redolent with ‘so there.’ “I’m landing too now,” Casey […]

The Grampus


It was hot and Sandy still had no idea where she was or where she was going. She liked to think that she hated routine and that she never had a plan, but this morning when she had recklessly thrown away the map and had taken a random turn and hiked across a field, she […]