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Two quick anecdotes in a real life strand. Sarah J writing on Tough Love wrote: When I met John I was totally into him even though he was 12 years older than me. Everyone said he was a bit weird but it didn’t deter me even when he made it clear that he wasn’t interested. […]

Harmony guessed she probably should have known. Probably nothing, she should have known. But somehow her temper and big mouth always got her into trouble. Just then the penny literally dropped and she growled in frustration. It had been her job to keep it pressed to the wall with her nose whilst holding her hemline […]

Here is an amusing little anecdotal snippet. Recently 21-year-old Fiona moved out of home and in with some other young people. In the guise of helping move house, father, mother and an aunt made themselves available with cars and humping boxes etc, just so that they could check things out and meet the new housemates […]

Years ago while looking into renting a house in Berkshire to an American family there was a rather amusing incident. The rather chipper young boy, who was around six, was full of questions. “Do you have a Christmas in England?” “Do you play baseball?” “Do you have tea with the Queen?” Well he was six, […]