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“Uncle Tomas, I want to help the All Father this Yuletide,” Pripet said coyly as she rocked back and forth with her hands neatly clasped behind her back. She had adopted an expression of one who could suck snowballs without them melting. Tomas eyed his bond-ward suspiciously and frowned. He was a wise old elf […]

Carrie gave a heavy sigh and put down the book in frustration. Her book, Spanking Tales for Girls, was one of her favourites, but sometimes she didn’t want to read about spanking she just wanted… She sighed again. At 28 she should be out clubbing or joining a BDSM club or something, not moping around […]

Part one here. Lady Jane dared not even contemplate sitting on the horse’s saddle. She hadn’t even been able to put on her forbidden riding breeks. Instead she had opted for a loose green gown more befitting her station, which was just bearable as it brushed against her raw bottom. But she winced all the […]

Lady Jane Larch’s cousins and other young men had left for the hunt and she had been determined to go with them. Legends were made from killing and especially capturing trolls and she wanted part of the glory. Besides, the castle was dull and beyond the forest were magical creatures of all kinds and trolls […]

This is the first part of The Gift, the last part having been published just before Christmas. The story seems to have capture the imagination of many people and has become the most requested one-of story on this blog. The Wood Spinner The forest stretched for league upon league and one day it would be […]