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Vintage Sunday


As ever, All Our Yesterday’s has more like this.

The clock ticked slowly, almost like a dirge to match the gloomy dark hall that led to the Dean’s office. There was a musty smell of polish and old wood here and with all the doors closed against them it was like a gaol-cell as they waited to be seen. “It will be alright won’t […]

Last week I launched the vintage spanking and erotica Tumblr All Our Yesterday’s. It has been a slow start so far, but hopefully it will be a repository for all those pictures featured on Vintage Sunday.

Amanda’s tummy ached. It had been giving her trouble since the whole affair had begun and now she was beginning to get tired. It wasn’t quite the adventure she had signed on for, but now that she thought about it, she could not even remember what she had expected. The 36-year-old sunset-haired business executive shot […]

Vintage Sunday


Vintage Sunday


Vintage Sunday


Something pretty random.

LSF have published another short story collection of mine. This one based on the adventure the Master and the Governess. The headstrong Amelia urges Lucy to follow her lead and run naked into the woods … two wood nymphs scampering through damp grass in the sunset. But when their little adventure is over and they […]

Or in some cases the maid spanks back. Just a bit of filler fun for Sunday.

Vintage realism


It seems to me that realism in vintage spanking erotica is rare. But the two pictures above are to my mind so realistic that they have the look and feel of a real spanking in action. Although this is highly unlikely, it does suggest that the photographer, if not the actors, were into their art […]