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This may be old news to some, especially Dr Who fans, but for years there have been rumours of a lost spanking episode of Dr Who. The legend goes that a serial of four episodes entitled Prison in Space was scripted and rehearsed to be shown in or around 1967. I had always assumed that […]

In light of the Dr Who post of the other day and some minor discussion of old companions versus the new, here is a little snippet that was news at least here. Billie Piper was apparently spanked in her show Secret Life of a Call Girl, the UK ITV show that was based upon the […]

A very popular approach for spanking stories is the employment of fan fiction. This is a vehicle that has only been employed once on A Voice in the Corner, when some time ago a post lampooning the BBC sitcom Love Soup appeared, entitled Another Spanking Nightmare. Sit-coms are an unusual source for fan-fiction in the […]