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Our story began here. Sylvia was on tenterhooks for a few days and fully, not to say nervously, expected a confrontation with Mary. She tried to tell herself that she was afraid at the prospect and perhaps she was, but her overwhelming emotion was something else. That first night after witnessing Mary’s punishment Sylvia had […]

Our story began here. Sylvia awoke the next morning desperately trying to resent all that had happened. In fact, in a long lazy life she could not recall ever quite working so hard at anything before. The truth was however, not only was she no longer bored, but recent events had left strangely excited about […]



Baxter rolled his office chair in slow circles and took in the scene beyond his corner office. The walls and windows merged so that the room was dominated by a panoramic view of London beyond. But it was the woman who sat facing him that held his attention. She had been trying to see him […]

The Mentor


“You’re a pretty little thing aren’t you?” The old man had a friendly jocular manner. Tracy giggled by way of reply, not knowing what else to say as she placed the rest of the tea things on the table in front of him. Instead of the usual ‘dip’ at the knees, she bent right forward […]

Prologue It was Margot Wheeler’s wedding day. Her second marriage and only her third man; she had never got around to marrying Pete, Louise’s father and the messy divorce from Karen’s dad did not bear thinking about. She shuddered. “Third time lucky,” Margot said, trying hard to convince herself. Karen at just 14, decided not […]

Angela’s story continues. The next morning I had a little of the customary stiffness and sitting was not at the top of my list of fun things to do. But otherwise, I felt fine. The prospect of another spanking that evening filled me with curiosity rather than anxiety, I had never experienced such a large […]