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Jenifer Jackson looked out on the street with despair. At 30 she was of passable looks with chestnut brown hair that hung straight to her shoulders and was finished off with a fringe. She lived in a small apartment with a few acquaintances and an endless shifting of their friends. It was all so predictable […]

Merry Christmas


Dear Father Christmas, You may have heard some things about me. I suspect all of them were based on hearsay and rumour mongering and, as an ambassador for truth, I am here to put you right. You may have heard that I have not been what is commonly described as a ‘good girl’ this year. […]

It was an odd kind of conversation. Some yahoo said he would take a bullet for Jesus. Why is it always guns and why would anyone need to? Then of course everyone chipped in until the one perky 22-year-old young woman said something about birthday spankings. Go figure. Where did that come from? “So you […]

Carrie gave a heavy sigh and put down the book in frustration. Her book, Spanking Tales for Girls, was one of her favourites, but sometimes she didn’t want to read about spanking she just wanted… She sighed again. At 28 she should be out clubbing or joining a BDSM club or something, not moping around […]

The small provincial airfield was closed. The snowstorm had grown in strength and anyone who wasn’t home for Christmas was there for the duration. Paige in particular was not going anywhere. She could not believe that he had actually done it. She had never been so humiliated in her life. Every time the wind caught […]

Angela’s story continues. Nothing was said the next morning and I earnestly hoped that my parents had not heard me tell David of my conversation with my mother. Everyone was up early of course, for a traditional Christmas breakfast, but I was too excited to eat. The presents were not to be opened until the […]