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Back in the 1960s and into the early 1970s, movie-makers explored their new-found sexual and censorship freedom by including sex and nudity in films for the first time. Well the first time for America; Europe had been breaking taboos for a little longer. Any teen from the 1980s will tell you that a late night […]

Spanking fans out there in blog-land may have noticed that the Devlin O’Neil and Poppy St Vincent blogs are down. This is because the host in Utah has pulled them with no notice, proudly declaring, to paraphrase: ‘that they have gone beyond their legal duty in pursuit of their moral one.’ Brigham Young alone knows […]

The picture above is a publicity still from the 1940 Film, Grand Ole Opry. It has been featured before on Chross, which is also the source of the info that there is no actual spanking in this film. A reverse of this picture was published here a few weeks back and since then there have […]