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Wild West Hero


Becky was fuming, who the hell did he think he was? She thought as she watched the crowd outside the saloon who normally gave her all the attention clapping Brad Coleman on the back; all because the dumb cowboy had pulled a kid out of a well. At that moment the dumb cowboy was grinning […]

In case it is new to you, here is a clip from Land Beyond the Law, a 1937 western which includes a spanking for then 25-year-old Linda Perry. The photo above is not all that and the spanking itself is a little contrived, but Whisky asked for more western spankings. If this does not satisfy […]

Parcel of Brats


Don’t you just love the English language? Who would have thought, but the language of Shakespeare does have an official collective noun for brats. It is apparently a parcel of brats. Karl used the phrase when he said he was reminded of a parcel of rogues. We had some good suggestions, including some for a […]