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We knew the Victorians were keen on spanking on the birch, it went hand in hand with keeping young women in their place but just how far did they go? Here we have a true account of a woman offering a discipline service for unruly adult daughters. I came across this tale in the History […]

Our story began here. It was harder than she thought to follow the action once it got outside. Mary trudged like a condemned woman naked and exposed to the breeze while Drake followed her at a short distance. Sylvia could only leave the house once they had got clear of the garden and she quickly […]

In the dark days of the Hapsburg Empire the Austrian nobility valued strict discipline for its sons and daughters. The sons were taken care of in military academies but during the 18th century there were few if any formal schools for young women. Some young women were sent off to Prussia where they went to […]

Here is an account from a few years back of a real life Victorian birching ritual. Annie B grew up on a Norfolk estate during the 19th century. This is an account of the punishment she received as published during the 1950s. Although the memoir could date back to the 1930s or even 1920s, so […]