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I stumbled across this somewhere and thought now that the weather is warming up it might be a cute seasonal filler.

Annabelle ran her long auburn hair through her fingers allowing the strands to tumble across her face. Since she had been a child she had often thought that the world looked better through this red-brown curtain, but today it didn’t seem to be working. “Oh shiny rain and blueberries,” she exploded. It was her ritual […]

Summer Fun


I expect you get the reference. It is a paradoy of an old sun lotion advert.

Real life spanking is not as rare as you might think, but photographic evidence usually is. However, here is a recent real life picture from a college barbecue. The evidence of a serious spanking can be seen on the girl’s bottom and one wonders at her bravado in wearing so skimpy a bathing costume. Given […]