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Real life spanking is not as rare as you might think, but photographic evidence usually is. However, here is a recent real life picture from a college barbecue. The evidence of a serious spanking can be seen on the girl’s bottom and one wonders at her bravado in wearing so skimpy a bathing costume. Given […]

This is as fictionalised account inspired by apparently real events. With a stress on the apparently, but it is supposed to have happened in California, so who knows? Anyway, most of the events in this story did not happen, as far as anyone knows and are entirely fictitious. But you can believe it all if […]

The four of them made their way along the beach as they headed towards the day-tripper car park. Three of the girls were smirking and trading significant glances as they gently shoved the fourth girl along. “Oh come on guys we don’t have to go this far.” She wailed. “You know that we do Carol.” […]