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Some years ago I wrote a short series about the adventures of Lizzie Baines, a New York girl who marries a soldier on the eve of the Korean War and is transplanted to Louisiana to live with his family while he serves abroad. While there she has to deal with some very quaint and challenging […]

It has been a while since we have had a little history post. This is a short snippet about a maid probably sometime between the world wars. As you probably know, in England until the Second World War and even up until the late 1950s the middle classes and even some well-paid workers had ‘a […]

Miss Andersen


He entered the room and she buried her face in the pillow. She could not see his face anyway. She had never seen his face. She felt his hand at her waist as he flipped up her petticoats and then drew down her bloomers to her ankles. Then she felt the tickle of the rod […]

Bored with all those seasonal movies? Well I bet you didn’t see either of the ones above. Both feature Marion Davies, the first from oft reported 1931 movie Bachelor Father and the latter; posing as a boy in the movie Little Old New York, which you may not be so familiar with. I wonder if […]

Nathalie paused at the door and sighed. She had only been back three days and already seemed like she had never been away. Although in truth it had been a long time since she had been home for more than an overnight stay. Home, she frowned. I haven’t lived here for 10 years, she thought, […]

The life project and other forums provide interesting sources of anecdotes about spanking. Many of them are off-topic and even the good ones are brief and too vague. However, occasionally you get an unusual one and I am put in mind of the case studies of Will Henry. As I have posted here before, Will […]

Part one here. I had been with Eugenia for a year when we first met the Laithwaites. We were in Venice at the time and I have an abiding memory of sunshine and ladies in white lace dresses. The Laithwaites were a mother and daughter also travelling alone on account of the widowhood of Mrs […]

Father Severest


The wind chose that moment to rise, sending a sudden rushing sound through the surrounding trees silhouetted against a slate-grey sky. It was a transient violence that passed as quickly as it had come so that the graveyard once was again as quiet as before. Anya paused to listen, her senses acute to the merest […]

Here is a short from Jeanie B who originally posted a comment to the post ‘real life adult daughters still spanked.’ She kindly agreed not only to allow it to be posted in its own right, but expanded upon. It appears here in a slightly edited format as agreed with Jeanie. I love this blog […]

Our story started here. Tammy and Jen were quiet as they entered the ‘woodshed.’ Seeing Jen glaring at her, Tammy could only shrug. The younger girl knew it was all her fault and that sometimes she didn’t know when to stop, but Jen had gone along with the prank and could hardly escape responsibility now. […]