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Our story begins here. The next day the ground to the north began to climb and although it remained wide enough, the trail narrowed so that wagons began to fall in behind one another and close up. After the previous day’s ordeal, both girls exchanged horrified glances that seemed to say, “Thank the Lord that […]

Our story begins here. It was two days before the wagons pulled out under the leadership of John West. He was the train captain and he let them know from the start that he meant to set a rapid pace. Charlotte was still adjusting to life in a wagon and since Rosaline’s thrashing she hadn’t […]

Charlotte had expected more. Why the street was little more than a muddy track and the sidewalks were all improvised from junkyard timbers set precariously between hastily constructed wooden buildings and even tents. If this was the so-called ‘edge of civilisation,’ then what would the Wild West look like? Heavens above, this was 1845 for […]