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Part I here As soon as John left the cabin he knew he was being watched. Damn, he thought, now they have seen me. For a moment he considered going back inside and telling Alice to pack. But there was no way he could ensure her safety even then and that would certainly tip the hunters […]

Part I here “Get off me,” Alice gasped suddenly pushing John away. “Wh-what?” John was still reeling from the kiss and now she was mad at him again. “I didn’t mean to… I mean,” Alice downcast her eyes and scanned the carpet for salvation. What was she doing? “You’re right,” John said thickly and looked skyward […]

Part I here Stacy tensed up. Almost like a sixth sense something screamed in her head and she scanned the diner. One or two of Coleridge’s people were by the window, but as far as she knew, no one was looking at her. Why was she so jumpy all of a sudden? She was beginning to […]

Part I here Adam sank back against the door and took in the sight of the humbled woman facing the corner. Her pants and panties bound her at the ankles and it had been a while since he had seen such a well-spanked bottom.  Alice’s exposed bare behind gloried in a heavy sheen of raw red […]

Part I here Adam Stone’s gaze missed nothing. Just then he leant on the second upright post supporting the porch and studied the bustle in the compound. Every now and then he sniffed the air as if to catch a scent of something. Maybe I should release the beast tonight and see what I can turn […]

Part I here Sitting in her usual corner of the diner Stacy was about to order another coffee when the door opened and she froze. “Shit,” she muttered to herself. Inside she felt sick, the man who had just entered had hit town for just one reason and she had a hunch it had been her […]

Part I here By the time Stacy spotted Alice coming into the diner the whole town was up and about. As she entered the lawyer scanned the room and saw Stacy in the corner and gave her a nod as she ambled over. “Coffee ma’am?” Nancy asked as she passed. Alice nodded, somewhat uncomfortable that she […]

Part I here The call of the moon and the change that came with it was a private thing for some. For that reason as the sun fell below the tree line the compound looked deserted. For once not even the gate was guarded. Bare-chested, Garrick stood on the rise above his home and regarded the […]

Part I here On a good day Augusta could have passed for a woman under 40. Even without make-up and in jeans with a gingham shirt she looked a good way off 50. It would have surprised even some of those in the pack that out in California her grandson led a pack and had grandchildren […]

Part I here “This road goes along the edge of the Stone property,” Stacy told Alice as the beat up Toyota bumped along a back track through the woods. “This is about as close as it comes,” she added and slowed down. “So if the road doesn’t go to the ranch why are we on it?” […]