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An advert for quirts in a Sears Roebuck catalogue back in the day included an introduction for the ‘lighter’ model. Apparently the shorter ‘third-weight’ size was perfect for applying to difficult wives as it could be felt through heavy prairie clothing without ‘harming your lady.’ Perfect apparently for those quick corrections. A quirt is a […]

Eleanor Whitlow blew a stray strand of hair from her forehead. At least it was not plastered there with perspiration on account of the heat. The heat, it was barely March, as she remembered it Boston would only have just seen off the snow. But Eleanor was a long way from Boston and as strive […]

The Tempest


The sky had a purple hue and Tom Daly knew a storm was brewing. From the way the cottonwood was still against a turbulent sky, he guessed a twister was on its way. “Where’s Abby?” he barked in the general direction of the other girls. Mary-Lou and Stephanie exchanged glances and then returned a shrug. […]

Two visions of cowgirl spanking, a modern BDSM magazine style by an unknown artist and a more traditional trip to the woodshed by Benson.

The old schoolhouse, as it was known, stood bellow the rise above the stream almost three miles from the Stepford Ranch House. Louise Stepford snorted at the very idea, as far as she knew it was less than 30 years old, having been built by the first generation of settlers in these parts. But then […]

Sorry cowgirl


This pouting naughty cowgirl was sent in by TipTopper. It is from a 1978 calender and you have to agree that the sub-text to this photo-shoot is highly suggestive.

If you like cowboy spanking stories then LSF have published a short collection of mine called Atonement: spanking stories of the Wild West. These are mostly M/F stories of the traditional kind where hellcats and brats in pursuit of their men get what they most need. Atonement Her eyes turned by the delights of a […]

Sammie liked the place as soon as she saw it. It was the kind of house you saw in movies and the hometown cosy feel all along the tree-lined road had broken through her hard LA cynicism like balm for the soul. Not that she would ever admit it, perhaps not even to herself. The […]

Rodeo Spanking


Sometime ago I was told that there was a spanking tradition at rodeos that dated back at least to the 1930s. Apparently rodeo clowns would select a pretty girl from the audience and give them an impromptu public spanking. Mostly this was for fun, but depending on what part of the country (in the US) […]

Gene Autry spanking Adele Mara from the 1947 film “Twilight on the Rio Grande”.  As TipTopper, who supplied this image says, it’s unusual for a film spanking as he is using what looks like a paddle, although is in fact a machete, not a common everyday instrument for the movies. Actually Chross beat us both […]