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Thank you everyone who has revisited this blog since the relaunch in August. Visitors have recovered to almost 55 percent of the levels we had before the hiatus, all due to your continued support. The Christmas slow down is with us. I noticed that about 70 percent of the Tumblr blogs vanished, but a few […]



Christmas is on its way and I more than half expected a flurry of Christmas posts and pictures. It seems, not so much, not so far. Even Tumblr hasn’t really gone for it, but then several blogs there have all but ceased publication in view of the promised imminent closure there. I have included a […]



I suppose the big news this week is that most, if not all, spanking and nudity is about to be banned from Tumblr. It seems that the Big T is about to reinvent itself, beginning with a purge. Most vanilla experts seem to predict the death of Tumblr, who  also host a lot of community […]



Christmas is coming and maybe things are slowing down before the rush. So expect a rash of red-bottomed girls in red velvet and fur around the spankoverse. This week I had a lot of nice comments and a couple of very nice emails. You may notice I have updated some of the links. I followed […]



This morning I tried to broaden the search of spanking sites I look at to see what is going on only to find a few Tumblr’s closed and many old favourites haven’t updated for quite a while. Tumblr doesn’t surprise me, I have had two Tumblr blogs and both were closed without warning, no reason […]



First of all a big thank you to all of those who commented for Love Our Lurker’s Day on Friday. I know many of you commented for the first time and that took a lot of brave. I have a tough week so posts here are going to be patchy. In the Service of the […]



Another week and another hike in visitors, it is almost as if I never went away. Thank you everyone for your continued support. I have haven’t forgotten the Prussian material, some here soon, although I use Prussian is the loosest sense here, looking at it some of it might be Bavarian from the same era. […]



Not having a lot of time lately I am still doing things in haste. Not a good idea when you are communicating with people you don’t know. Even allowing for often absurdly insecure cadre of individuals drawn to this world, email is not a good medium and unless you write a very well-crafted approach or […]



I had hoped to publish a more fulsome Community post, but my connection is running like cold treacle and I just had a work call that means that my morning has just evapourated. Thanks to Eris Martinet who made contact about this very page last week. She has a great FemDom site, which although has […]

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Hi all. This is the third week in a row we have run this feature. Maybe it is the way to go. It all seems very quite to me across the blogosphere, but the professionals have been busy. I have included two cuts from Firm Hand Spanking this week, both from the same scene with […]