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In light of the Dr Who post of the other day and some minor discussion of old companions versus the new, here is a little snippet that was news at least here. Billie Piper was apparently spanked in her show Secret Life of a Call Girl, the UK ITV show that was based upon the […]

A very popular approach for spanking stories is the employment of fan fiction. This is a vehicle that has only been employed once on A Voice in the Corner, when some time ago a post lampooning the BBC sitcom Love Soup appeared, entitled Another Spanking Nightmare. Sit-coms are an unusual source for fan-fiction in the […]

This is probably old news to some of you, but the top picture rather seized the attention and a little research revealed that it is an art shoot with a Stacy Keibler. Now having not the least idea who she is, a little research was called for. Apparently she is an actress, model and eh… […]

Thanks to TipTopper for giving the heads-up about this movie. TT sent in some pictures from The Defilers and the link for the movie clip which is credited as the first movie in which a domestic punishment spanking turns into foreplay. He also suggested I check out a movie starring Jack Nance, who is the […]

There was yet another mainstream sortie for spanking in the BBC’s Sherlock on Sunday. Lara Pulver, formerly in the BBC production of Robin Hood and last seen in Spooks and True Blood, was briefly seen nude, and before the watershed yet, as a dominatrix who had been employed to spank a young female member of […]

Merry Christmas


The above may be a spoof Christmas card (or a real one) as actress Toyah Wilcox was not entirely unknown to the spanking life. For those who remember, back in the early 1980s she was a punk rock star usually to be seen adorned in leather and wielding whips. Also early in her acting career […]

“Just one more word young lady and I’m going to spank your bare bottom purple.” These words or words very much like them were uttered by an irate mother to her obviously grown up daughter in a lost Saturday afternoon movie, long, long ago. Maybe a week a later an angry father would threaten his […]

Three Cheers


Caught a programme on the introduction of sororities to the UK the other day; yes a US sorority is trying to set-up in Leeds of all places. One wonders if there will be spankings, of course we do, but it seems doubtful. Another US tradition alien to the UK is cheerleading. However, given the success […]

Following the post about the South African Star article on spanking entering the mainstream, last night’s Sex: How To Do Everything on the UK’s Channel Five (AKA Fiver) they had an item on spanking. It started off well enough, natural between consensual couples, how heavy it gets is up to you etc. They even had […]

Now it has been a fine week for spanking blogs and it has been hard to choose. Tiffany’s Discipline Her is back and that is worth a mention, but that is not an event specific to this week. Then Valdor posted this at the Spank Statement. This is a particular UK-centric find but nonetheless if […]