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TV Spanking


Another Saturday short . I think this has done the rounds before but it is only vaguely familiar so I thought it was worth an outing. It is from a lighthearted Brazilian soap opera called Modern Times and features the spanking of an adult by her boss or possibly her father. I particularly like the small […]

This may be old news to some, especially Dr Who fans, but for years there have been rumours of a lost spanking episode of Dr Who. The legend goes that a serial of four episodes entitled Prison in Space was scripted and rehearsed to be shown in or around 1967. I had always assumed that […]

An unusual tune


No doubt this has been seen before but it was new to me. Dopisy V Krajkach (2000) seems to have been a Czech TV drama about the decadence in pre-revolutionary France. The main thrust of the drama, so to speak, seems top be the writing of literature upon the naked bodies of the ladies of the […]

South African Rap music artist Yolandi Visser from the group Die Antwoord likes to shock. As well as sex, certain deviance and nudity, the group’s video work also features spanking as seen from the above picture. Can’t say much more about them, but the video can be found on YouTube, but blink and you will […]

Here is a bizarre Russian TV Series, Favorit (2005), featuring a very odd birching scene. It is not clear what is going on, but it appears to be some sort of revenge scenario. A well-to-do woman is kidnapped and then lowered into the floor so that only her head is seen. A man then eats […]

“Go in 20 seconds Stacy,” the voice said in her ear. Stacy strained to see the monitor out of the corner of her eye as the make-up boy put the final touches to her eyes. The guests were already seated, but one of them was getting the same last minute touches that she was. “Oh, […]

Advert Break


Don’t you just hate ad breaks? The other day I was discussing how much more advertising there is on cable TV compared with old-fashioned terrestrial television. I was told that US TV is much much worse with up to 20 or even 25 minutes out of an hour. At least that explained why an hour […]

It’s interesting what you can find on a trip to the southern hemisphere isn’t it? Brazil seems to have much more interesting TV than we do. The actress pictured above is Regiane Alves. In the clip bellow she is spanked in the Latin soap Modern Times (Tempos Modernos) I wonder if this featured on the […]

Has spanking finally gone mainstream? Probably not yet, but yesterday in the wake of the 50 Shades phenomena, we had a review of a book about a female submissive published by Penguin of all people and then in the evening we had a couple of spanking references in a show aimed at young people before […]

On seeing the headline ‘Alanis Morissette to be spanked’ one’s curiosity was obviously piqued. A search ‘Alanis Morissette spanked,’ achieved 120,000 returns, prompting one to wonder how such gossip could have been missed. However, it turned out that it was the old ‘brand spanking new’ trap and the spanking turned out to be old news. […]