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Years ago while looking into renting a house in Berkshire to an American family there was a rather amusing incident. The rather chipper young boy, who was around six, was full of questions. “Do you have a Christmas in England?” “Do you play baseball?” “Do you have tea with the Queen?” Well he was six, […]

Apparently this an annual event and the losers get spanked. That might have been made up. Who knows what is going on and why. In some of the other shots, the flag of California can be seen. So taking a wild stab in the dark this event took place in California. And where else? In […]

The above picture was supplied by Tiptopper and is from the cover of a sporting magazine of some kind. Sport and spanking have a history together. National athletics coaches from certain eastern European countries were renound for spanking their female protégés. In her book, Beginning and End, Romanian gymnast Corina Ungureanu, said, “I received many […]