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Dr Josephine Chandler was not especially pretty, but as a dedicated archaeologist she probably couldn’t have cared less. She had little time for make-up, new clothes or taking a brush or comb to her indifferent mop of mid brown shoulder length hair. Today, as on most days, she wore a heavy dark blue cotton smock […]

Vintage Sunday




Busy week, see aforementioned puppy, but also two funerals and client trip to the coast. I have posts and the will to write more, but no time to even edit the pending. Hence being a day late and being a bit thin in content. Also little time to really trawl spank land. Nothing much to […]

Vintage Sunday


Apropos nothing, here are two two very different slices of history, The first four are of Sharon Tate, including two rare nudes and a still featuring David Niven in a very unusual and little known film, a 1966 British horror movie called Eye of the Devil. As depicted in the still the story includes a […]

Writers Block


I am almost ready with a few projects, yes Holodeck is almost done and Wolf is set to continue. Abraham Heights and a few others. The hold up is not so much writers block, but puppy block. Please bear with us.



I don’t usually share personal information but we got a puppy. They eat everything including time, hence the absence here. Devlin, Vanilla, Kia, AAA, a JPC heads up from J, and an old image of mine from Stan, good to see him back. I have got to go.  

Vintage Sunday


Sometime ago I posted a snippet about land girls in World War II. These were young women who were either drafted or volunteered to work on British farms from 1938 to 1946 on account of the men leaving for the armed services. As previously discussed most of these women were professional and conscientious, but I […]

I just found a few pictures, some of them you will have seen and some you might not have done. I was prompted to look them up by a comment on a board that suggested that Secretary was the first mainstream movie to feature a bare bottom spanking of any kind. I hoped to find […]



It is a case of all quiet on the spanking front, although that may be a reflection of how busy I have been. I have been looking at other people’s spanking fiction and have found a few little gems. LSF have a good stable of writers and the best copy is for sale from them […]