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Some years ago another blog ran a feature on a strange and rare 1941 mainstream Gene Autre western called the Singing Hill. The movie in question was a cheesy musical of no particular note but at its denouement it features a spanking scene. The unusual thing was that the heroine was not only the boss […]



There is a quick round this week. Again it has been a bit slow, but that may be more of a reflection of my own busy schedule. Cassie emailed me to say hi and say how much she liked the blog. She put a bid in for more on the Good Old Southern Switch. “Hurts […]

Vintage Sunday


“Ignorance is the road to nowhere,” ran the legend around the Saint Chad’s school coat of arms. Roland D Denston eyed the noble words with a sense of pride. Of course the words were in Latin, and he doubted half the staff, leave alone the student body could read them. He sighed. In the old […]

Part I here The night was still but it was not the owl screech that woke the man. Sundance inclined his head and sniffed. There was a tang of metal in the air. It was a bitter smell admixed with sweat, adrenalin and gun oil. Nothing about the smell should have been strange to him around […]

School for Tops


The girl was gently mouth-breathing while her glassy eyes failed to focus. It was odd that Dominic should have been drawn to her face at a time like this. After all, the woman was naked and on her knees; the epic curves of her bare bottom jutting skywards in submission. “Your words, your tone, your […]



It does seem quieter than usual among the spanking blogs. There are one or two that haven’t updated in quite a while. Also I noticed that Real Spankings is still down. Does anyone know if they are still in business. I am sure they are, but they have been down or inaccessible from our part […]

Vintage Sunday


While we were away LSF published this collection of stories and one or two of you have asked about it. I just realised that I never seriously plugged this book and it might have slipped under the radar. It is a pretty hefty collection and a handy round up of some of my stories if […]

Pinning Us Down


Still a little busy. Meanwhile I saw two ladybirds (lady bugs) in the street and wondered if spring is here. Not quite I fear. Anyway I remembered a cute pin up I saw of a girl in a lady bird outfit with a short skirt and a red bottom peeking out under it. Unfortunately I […]