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Sister Mercy, her jaw set tight, was wringing her hands. Before her the young novice Maria was naked and kneeling at the block while Sub-Prioress Augusta laced her upturned bare bottom with a long thin switch. The once smooth rounds of the errant girl were now rilled and purple red with welts as she gasped […]

The Golem


It was the hum that kept Leah awake. The relentless hum that touched her ears just below audible that could only be heard if you listened for it; or if you were trying to sleep. She had been told by the captain before he went into stasis that she would get used to it. And […]

Last week my girl drew my attention to an article on Jezebel that was kicking up a storm about CDD. That is Christian Domestic Discipline to you and me. This is a rather controversial lifestyle that not only advocates the Head-of-Household approach to TTTWD, but claims that it is sanctioned by God as written in […]

LSF have published another novella by yours truly. This time it is the socio-religious exploration of an alternative Earth where college girls have guardians and questioning the faith or the mysterious origins of their society can be seriously dangerous for a young girl’s bottom. The publishers blurb has it: Chelsea and Candida are lying in […]

My girl is reading a book on the history of sex and punishment, she was hoping for more spanking subjects, but it is actually grim reading. Motivated by her interest, a quick search found a vanilla blog about church decor. If you are British you will know that there are hundreds of medieval churches in […]

This was found on a vanilla site dealing with 20th century social history. It was included in a general section from the 1930s entitled Memories of Hong Kong. It was captioned ‘Remember Sister Mary from our seminary days.’ It was rather amateur blog with random old photographs and no provenance, so make of it what […]

Not sure where to begin with this snippet. I suppose it could be called a reverse startle. It was culled from a vanilla online magazine some time ago. Two young women were overheard talking in the cafeteria queue in Catholic community college. One said to the other, “God, I really hate penguins.” “Oh tell me […]

Our story began here. Julie’s jaw ached a little, it was an odd thing to notice under the circumstances, although hardly surprising. She was still clenching it now as she rid out waves of pain while clasping a cushion with both hands. Her whole bottom was actually on fire as if she had been dragged […]

Our story began here. Julie had been excited for days about the strange ceremony she had taken part in. Not that for one moment she had really believed. Even so, it hadn’t hurt to wish for a lottery win. Sure enough that Saturday several of her numbers had come up and she had won £100. […]

“Look I am not sure about this. It seems… silly,” Anita sighed. She eyed her coat next to the door and considered making her excuses. “Oh come on it is just a bit of harmless fun,” Julie scoffed. “It most certainly isn’t,” Molly said indignantly. “It is neither harmless nor silly.” “Don’t tell me, we […]