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Red Letter


Angharad sat at her keyboard and tried to concentrate. Her smooth dark locks had tumbled over her face like a curtain to hide her face. It was an old school trick and gave her the illusion of a temporary haven. It also meant that nobody could see what she was thinking for she was sure […]

Authors note: Poetic licence has been taken with the extent of the content and frequency of correspondence between PoWs and their families. It also important to remember that this is an entertainment and no disrespect is intended to the Allied soldiers of the Second World War, their families, Blitzed Londoners or the people of Putney […]

Mrs George Herman Hayes (Mildred) to Mrs John William Denbigh (Edith) dated this day 7th October 1883 Dear Edith, I was both surprised and amused by your letter of the fourth. My previous letter had been intended only to congratulate you on your new home and I had not thought that you would expect any […]

This is an excerpt from a very nice email received after the 1.5 million visits post. A young woman, who calls herself Tracy, wanted to say how much she liked this blog and how reading it and following some of the links to our friends like Sometimes A Girl, made her feel she was not […]

Here is a taster for a couple of anecdotes about the corporal punishment of women in the Royal Navy due to be published on this blog in the near future. In February 2006 Alex Birch posted a series of letters on his blog that had been published in January and February of that year in […]