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One of my earliest memories of exposure to spanking was through comics. Mostly it was a school setting and there was something about it that intrigued me. It was pure gold when a girl was getting spanked or caned although these incidents were rare. As I got older and Marvel beckoned Susan Storm (AKA The […]

She knew that look and subconscious hands strayed to her bottom. Meanwhile he was smirking at her, actually smirking. He was sitting on the big settee by the back door facing the balcony window and she looked nervously over to it in the hopes that the glass doors that led outside were firmly close. She […]

The Parks and Garden’s Commission are trying out new ways of punishing girls who walk on the grass this summer. Or is it just a new service: spanking in a box?

Dateline Singapore 17 March 1976 The Justice Ministry has authorized the use of corporal punishment for female smugglers and other airport offenders under 25. The new initiative is an entirely voluntary sanction and will only be used on young women summarily convicted of minor offenses. With mounting pressure to reduce the Singapore’s female prison overcrowding […]

A conclusion to yesterday’s tale. The cigarettes were foul and even Amelia suspected that walking down the middle of the road after midnight whilst swigging a bottle of brown ale was less than ladylike. But Spiffy had to agree that it was very dare and totally modern. “I don’t really like smoking,” Amelia spluttered and […]

Petunia had scouted ahead first to make sure the coast was clear. Well it had been her turn and anyway she was the oldest. That left Amelia ‘Bother’ Botherington and ‘Spiffy’ Susie Watkins to sneak up behind in her train. They both thought that Petunia, Spiffy’s elder sister, was a bit wet, but she did […]

Al fresco spanking has its risks; not least you might get caught. See this near-miss anecdote and you’ll see what I mean. The same girl also got switched in the woods just yards from what turned out to a family camping ground whilst on holiday. In both cases the al fresco situation was incidental and […]

The Dominator


He sweeps all before him. He is Top of the tops, first among Doms, dread lord of the Subnation. He is the Dominator. Then the door opens. “Now Mr Smith we have called you in because there seems to be some irregularities with your account,” she says; a junior bank clerk who was in school […]

My girl is reading a book on the history of sex and punishment, she was hoping for more spanking subjects, but it is actually grim reading. Motivated by her interest, a quick search found a vanilla blog about church decor. If you are British you will know that there are hundreds of medieval churches in […]

Jasmine wondered if it was a paradox, but she had never been good at such things. What it certainly was; was inconvenient. She glowered at her own reflection in the mirror by the door. She knew that word did not even cover it, but it was as close as she was going to get to […]