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Life takes an unexpected turn sometimes, it did for me and quite out of the blue I found out who I really was. My name is Tamsin Graham, a proud redhead and these days I am an IP lawyer. Of course nowadays the red hair gets some colouring assistance out of a bottle, but back […]

LSF have published another collection of my work. This collection of domestic F/F femdom tales featuring strict women who spank other women, contains the following stories: Jane and Her Awakenings with Aunt Alice: When 19-year-old Janice goes to stay with her aunt in London, she gets her first disciplinary spanking after she lies about having a […]

A young lady (presumably) rejoicing in the name Casey the Sorority girl dropped me a quick line to say that ‘red is new black’ and that the 21st century sorority girl ‘likes to show off her blisters.’ I get these brief enigmatic mails from time to time and beyond a quick acknowledgment their contributions usually […]

Strictly Women


For those naughty girls who like the firm hand of a woman, LSF have published a collection of young ladies getting their spankings from their young and not so young mentors. This collection of domestic F/F femdom tales featuring strict women who spank other women, contains the following stories: 1948: Aunt Jane’s Rules: If you […]

Our story began here. Katherine and Mary had not moved from their wall time mooning the room for more than half an hour and it was beginning to get to work on their nerves as Alice had intended. “I warned you that from now on I would be completely uncompromising,” Alice sighed. “Yes Ma’am,” Katherine […]

Our story began here. It had been a long few of weeks but suddenly it was all coming together. Katherine remembered her father telling her what a mess his unit made of a simple thing like marching in step during his basic training. Then how suddenly one day it all fell into place and how […]

It is that time of year when all good American college girls are pledging to their sororities. Many new sisters are going through a signature ritual where each girl gets a swat from each potential big sister. Judging from the pictures above it is a time-honoured ritual and one much elaborated upon by fantasists. Not […]

While casting around the forums I noticed a debate about the merits and supposed evils of spanking and enjoying reading about such things. Inevitably some said the contributors were all sick. One wonders why they bother to hang around such blogs at all. I was struck by one woman who seemed to trump these arguments […]

Our story began here. Alice realised that Janet and Jenny had allowed her to mark time and had given the training schedule some shape. While they were there then keep two basically good kids in line just about justified Alice’s existence but now thing were getting serious. Mrs Baxter expected great things from Alice and […]

Many years ago I saw a beautiful graphic portrait from the 1950s. It was of a very smart looking aristocratic woman with a young maid across her knee giving her a spanking. The drawing was within an otherwise vanilla collection and no particular attention was drawn to this image as if it was quite commonplace. […]