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What a pretentious title, don’t you love it? Someone else’s anecdote triggered some long forgotten memories and suggested this theme. Amber was 14 at the time, sorry but bear with this, it’s not about kids. She had skipped detention, a punishment she had got for not doing her lines. In 1979 the only recourse the […]

Looking at society around us it is easy to assume that we live in a vanilla world. Vanilla after all, we assume, is the wider community’s default setting. However, you did not have to look very far to see that our brand of spice is often not far below the surface. Perhaps the world is […]

Most blogs are about people’s daily lives. This one is often about the past, even the dotes are mostly about things that happened many years ago. Here is a brief little mystery that had only just happened and may even be ongoing. Last night there was a text message on the mobile from a nice […]

There was an email to this blog the other day asking about Dotes. The gist of the mail was if the Dotes feature is based on true stories, then why are there not more stories about DJ as the Dom. This chimed with another conversation being had elsewhere. So for Elly and especially New Girl […]

This is an anecdote that has not been published because it is almost too brief and trivial. But recent posts have led this to take on more significance. Do we have a mystery on our hands? Some years ago at a dinner party with some of the in-laws and their friends the conversation got around […]

Age-play in the strict sense of the meaning has never been of very great interest here. However, here is a short story about a strange event that was witnessed many years ago while on holiday in Devon. It was July and very hot. Everyone was pretty much wearing as little as possible so there were […]

We have had a couple of college girl stories lately. First, we had the ex-public schoolgirl taking her friend in hand and then we had some stories about UK sports sororities. Here is another true story about a nice quiet serious girl studying for her history degree who falls in love with another girl after […]

One subject that generates a lot of interest in the spanking world is the sorority. After Will Henry, Martin Pyx’s series of the stories the Sigma Cycle is probably one of the definitive works on this subject. However real life sorority spanking stories are extremely hard to find, even in biographies by sorority girls years […]

Have you ever wondered what hubby or daddy thinks (or does) when his wife or daughter, after a few beers watching a sports event, decides to take off her clothes and run naked across the pitch? Well not all streakers go unspanked it seems. A few years ago a senior steward for a major English […]

The other day we had a short anecdote about Ben and Anne who lived in a small Yorkshire village. Public humiliation seemed to be such an essential part of their relationship that all their friends and half the village knew that Ben spanked Anne. Here is another short story about them. One day in the […]