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The story begins here. Ma let me go to bed without the humiliating supper ritual. She was keen that Mary not know she had been spied upon. It made sense at the time, but looking back it seems strange given Ma’s proclivities for public humiliation. I was lying in bed, belly down of course, with […]

A short while back we had a story from S. That one was loosely based upon a real life encounter between S and DJ Black. At the time, our favourite Dutch girl (good luck for later – this girl has bet her arse on the outcome – literally) promised a fictional account of her visit […]

Since the first post way back about the effects of abrasives, mustard packs and others our friend S has been intrigued. You can read a fictionalised account of an early meeting from S’s point of view here. S is mentored by yours truly and an avid reader of this blog. Well she had better be, […]

A while back, a young lady called S contacted DJ and got to talking about how much she liked his stories and how she wished that such things could happen in reality. Then she admitted that she had been less than entirely good and would welcome some advice. DJ warned her that things, such as […]