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Sorry for the absence of Vintage Sunday and the lack of a Weekly Round-Up. I had thought I had queued one up but the weekend got way from me. It has been is and is going to be a busy couple days so posts will be hit and miss this week. Meanwhile, here are some […]

Indigo absolutely hates corner time and it is always a last resort with us and it is used sparingly. Not that she gets the last say, but one has to respect what works and thee feelings of your sub. Not that Indigo has a completely corner free life. It seems that  women react very differently to […]

I have had a lot of recent correspondence on this issue. Why are spanking and corner time so indelibly linked? Girls, ever had corner time? One contributor here once said she spent all day in the corner for lying. Five hours in total I think. Any advance on that? What about post versus pre-spanking corner time? Or […]

This is an example of how naughty a girl can be and I thought it worth an airing. In the early days of our relationship Indigo was not as used to cornertime as she is now, in fact she hated it. Not that she exactly loves it now. In her words: I am going to […]

Fun or real discipline in action (it comes to the same for some). Sent in by Ralph, our thanks to him.

Undeterred by the mixed response to her last offering (her words). I thought you were all very kind. Ruth has sent in some more pictures she culled from semi-private forum and other sources she doesn’t divulge. She claims most of them are supposed to be actual real punishments – but isn’t sure. With deference to […]

Casey kicked the can away down the track. It made a satisfying rattle as it plink-plonked metallically on the hard ground and pebbles. So much so that despite the dusty heat she broke into a little jog that set her blonde ponytail bouncing to kick it again; anything to delay the inevitable and home. Home […]

Still Frozen


A Classic corner time picture with her nose to the seam of the walls. Such punishment would be considered cruel and unusual in this house at the moment. See yesterday’s post.

Here are some random snippets that I was saving until I thought of a better way to use them. They are all on the theme of corner time and purport to be real experiences. Joan wrote: “I had a bit of a bratty mouth in college and one day at dance class some hijinks led […]

A little homage to Karen and her friends and for Jodie who sent me a very rude email bluntly saying ‘I hate corner time, hate it. No more corners and no more corner time pictures either…’ You know who you are.