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In Transit


I am away on business and the prep was a bit involved so I ran down my stock of standbys. There are a few coming up but none ready so meanwhile here is a picture.

Vintage Sunday


An art theme to this week’s selection. I am assuming the last one is faked, but rather well done I thought.

Vintage Sunday


Happy Halloween


Spanking Art


I came across this drawing by artist Joan Pelaez, which features two women in a curious rustic spanking scene. Pelaez is the illustrator for Spanking Tails but this work is new to me. Nor can I say much about the artist or find many other examples of her work.

See this post for more.

One of my earliest memories of exposure to spanking was through comics. Mostly it was a school setting and there was something about it that intrigued me. It was pure gold when a girl was getting spanked or caned although these incidents were rare. As I got older and Marvel beckoned Susan Storm (AKA The […]

Sorority Girl


Here is a Saturday quickie. This a poster from the 1957 movie Sorority Girl. Despite the poster there is only one off screen paddle sequence (the one in the poster) and that is depicted as a bullying. Although the girl takes it in good part and there is a suggestion that she deserved it, but the […]