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The car made a slow turn at the bend and began to climb the hill. It was steep enough and the car laboured for a moment before the engine caught. In the rear-view mirror Abraham Heights looked quite pretty nestled on the side of the opposite slope. All white and red brick houses peeking above […]

Charlie Lain’s mess of dark blonde curls tumbled pell-mell over her face as she stood bent at the waist in the middle of Davina’s floor. Her only clothing was a short white T-shirt emblazoned with a large yellow smiley face and a tiny pair of white ankle socks. She was a small girl with a […]

The 28-year-old English lecturer was lost in her thoughts following her run in with Mrs Main and she had a lot to think about. Her rapidly spinning head was still reeling with the agreement she had made. She was still blushing for God’s sake, and at both ends, she thought ruefully. One more run-in and […]

The room was moderately lit with red velvet curtains at each corner and an ornate table at one end. On it stood a single candle, an open book, a large globe with a brass mounting and a half-naked kneeling sorority pledge. Out of the seven women in the room, four were collegians and three were […]

Casey and Joanne were running around and around the luggage carousel pretending to be airplanes. “Girls please,” Heather said half-heartedly as she rubbed her temples trying to stave off the impending headache. “We’re taking off,” the four-year-old Casey sang. “I’m landing,” Joanne said in a tone redolent with ‘so there.’ “I’m landing too now,” Casey […]

“I don’t see why you shouldn’t bring your friends over as planned honey. After all it’s not your fault.” Dana broke off from applying her lipstick for a moment and glanced at her youngest daughter, Dakota, who was standing in the corner. Freya followed the direction of her mother’s look. Darn the little brat she […]

After all these years, she finally had a teaching position in an all-American university. Okay so it was only a minor university in the mid-west, but from little acorns, she thought happily, I am at last a bone fide college don. Well a donna, anyway, Donna giggled at her own accidental joke. Donna’s happy mood […]

No one knew how the tradition had got started or even when it began, but Mindy Heaver knew that it had happened even in her grandmother’s time. She had always thought it was kind of cool that it happened at her house, but she supposed that her family did have one of the biggest houses […]

The Tutor


Roland Archer checked his watch again. Everyone was late and he could not abide tardiness. “Have you any idea why your mother is so late Karen?” Roland asked his young student as she stood in the corner. “No sir.” Karen replied crisply. Slightly apprehensive that he might in some way hold her responsible. “I have […]