Working from home now and that takes some setting up. Nonetheless, more stories soon.

Meanwhile here is a round up of images found at various sites including: Vanilla Spanking, Devlin, AAA, James Stephenson, Au Fil de Jours, and the Spanking Emporium.

7 Responses to “Community”

  1. 1 Ruth

    Glad you are working at home safe as anyone can be at the moment. I like the wedding picture at the top made me smile.

  2. 3 Ruth

    ?? ~ ~

    • 4 DJ

      means we are not cloistered away from all contact and there is a hole in our defences. We are not particularly vulnerable though and my wife is in not coming into ever random contacts – who knows – there are worse off than us…

      I am working again (harder than usual to plug gaps of those who can’t)

  3. 5 Susannah

    Just noticed your reference to Indigo as an essential worker. Does that mean she is a nurse or doctor.? Do hope she and you are managing to keep well. We have two of our “children” working in the NHS and it is a worrying time for them, and us.

    • 6 DJ

      No she is not (nor a refuge and recycling worker) 😉

      But many thanks and best wishes to you too 🙂

  4. 7 Ruth

    It would not enter my head that you weren’t working hard just hope you can both keep safe. Thank you for your reply it is much appreciated. I keep getting told I am vulnerable although I am insisting it is venerable so I can go out. unfortunately everything keeps catching me out I went to my car to go to the park to pick dandelions there is a reason I wanted them for Photos but I managed to lock my keys in the boot of the car and the police really are stopping for being out they didn’t think dandelion picking was a good excuse.
    They were actually very kind and just made sure I went back home

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