Jaw on the floor – here’s to the 20 Million


bardot stairs

More stories this week, at least one and maybe more. But while I do some editing and other housekeeping I noticed that last week sometime this blog passed the 20 million landmark!

In just over 10 years that is 20 million page views, 17,000 comments and I have no idea how many words. I know there are over a thousand stories and when I last counted a few years back there were more than two million words.

So thank you very much one and all and thanks for all your support.

When I started this I just intended to occupy a small corner somewhere and publish the occasional story or article. Maybe I would develop it to a few hundred and reach out. I remember during the first week seeing I had 50 readers in one day and I was pleasantly surprised. Now there are 10,000 unique readers a day. So… eh… hello there.


8 Responses to “Jaw on the floor – here’s to the 20 Million”

  1. Congratulations, certainly a landmark

  2. 2 Susannahgggggggsusannah

    Congratulations,DJ! Well earned, and long may you continue. Please can you write more shorts. The Governess series is as well written as all your other work, but personally doesn’t grab me. Also, I hope you are not finding life too irksome now that you are not allowed, Eg,to visit the pub!

  3. 3 Susannah

    Something went horribly wrong with typing…

  4. 4 Susannah

    Too much trying to sort out things overloaded my brain, if not my computer. So it ate previous comment. Which was to congratulate you on your achievement, to hope you continue for another 20 million and to hope we can look forward to shorts (my favourites). So keep well!

  5. 5 Subone

    Congratulations, that’s awesome. Keep up the great work.

  6. 6 DJ

    Thanks one and all 🙂

  7. 7 buellfool

    I love the Governess story.All your work really.Keep it up,we need this ,Its essential work.Thank you.

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