Stay Safe


! ! ! D

I hope to catch up on a few posts in the next few days and weeks. Not much else happening after all. The world has gone mad.

6 Responses to “Stay Safe”

  1. Good of you to bother making entries with all the coronavirus pandemonium going on. I agree, the world has gone mad. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! The world would be a sadder place without you. Lia .

  2. It certainly has, take care and if possible keep safe. Chris

  3. 3 Michael Cane

    You stay safe AND well also.

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  4. 4 DJ

    Thank you 🙂

  5. 5 Ruth

    by Being miserable it is not going to change anything, to many miserable faces make us smile. I have painted rainbows on my windows and put Christmas lights up little thing that have created smiles. People know I’m strange. And reading your blog has certainly made me smile many thanks to you sir

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