Letters to my Governess


! ! ! Governess17
The correspondence began here.

My Dearest Miss Carlisle,

On reading your last letter I took to my bed in a near faint, and entertained quite shameful and unworthy thoughts, all concerning Ruth and your dealings with her. Propriety forbids that I should say more but suffice to say you should soundly spank me when next we meet for my little sins.

Now for more wholesome news.

As you will have heard, yesterday I took tea with the Compton’s, I gather you were in town make some final preparations for your extend stay. Ruth was a picture of respectability and quite put a brave face on her experience with you. The butter did not melt, so to speak. She claimed that you were a family friend helping her prepare for her latest career pursuit, in academia no less. So much for her unquenchable ambitions, that girl does not know her own mind at all and her stubbornness is all posturing and preening.

I asked, quite innocently of course, if her newfound pursuit of an academic life was why the schoolroom had been reopened.

She blustered of course and told me that her father was allowing her to convert the room into a study of her own. Her father coughed loudly at this point and Lady Eugenia simpered with embarrassment at her blatant lie. I asked, somewhat mischievously I know, if that was the reason you had suggested a school rig? She had evidently forgotten that day I was present at your first confrontation. I can tell you she blushed as if a bursting ripe tomato.

I was informed that that unfortunate day was composed of college prank high jinks and a through misunderstanding. I said no more and just smiled at the memory of Ruthie standing in the corner like the tamed hapless and wilful brat I now know her to be.

I hope I have not spoken out of turn.



To be continued

3 Responses to “Letters to my Governess”

  1. 1 John J.

    I would not be surprised if sometime soon Ruth gains regular company in the school room. How humiliating for the new student if Mary is in charge of dressing Amelia in her school uniform before sending her off to the day’s lessons!

  2. 2 ann d

    John J,

    Your suggestion of Amelia being added to the schoolroom struck a nerve with me. I agree about the humiliation Amelia would feel if Mary had to help her dress in a school uniform so she could attend school. I could also imagine Mary walking Amelia to the school as well.

    I am also curious as to how Amelia would behave in church after a birching, and I look forward to hearing about the new plan Miss Carlisle has in store for her regarding attending church after being birched.

    DJ Black, I am indebted to your imagination for writing this blog and look forward to each post. Thank you so very much.


  3. 3 DJ

    we will have to wait and see 😉

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